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Car hire Athens

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Car hire Athens
Car hire Athens

Athens is the largest and capital city of Greece. The city with its recorded history, lines with the oldest existing cities of the world. With this, and the fact of the city's beauty, Athens has become a must see destination. The city houses a great deal of history in the forms of establishments, artifacts, and especially its culture. The city is home to notable and world prominent landmarks and has been site for notable world events. The city can best be viewed through cheap car hire at Athens.

Athens is home to the Acropolis, a World Heritage Site, which dates back from 510 BC. The area is located on an elevated region amid the modern city. It is arguably the most important Mediterranean archeological site, holding place for the magnificent Parthenon, Propylaia, Erechtheion and the ruins of the Ancient Theatre of Dionysus. Drive your budget car rental to the Acropolis and see the magnificence of Athena's Parthenon (the Greek Goddess Athena's temple), the monumental Propylaia (gateway to Acropolis), the brilliance of the Erechtheion (an ancient Greek temple from the 421 to 407 BC) and the historic Theatre of Dionysus (once a home of the many firsts in the art of theatrics).

You may also take your car rental to the National Archaeological Museum where antiquities from Mycenae and frescoes from Santorini can be found. Close to this intriguing museum is the site of the first ever Olympic games—the Panathenaic Stadium. Many other landmarks can be found in Athens including the Hadrian's Roman Arch, the Temple of Zeus ruins, the Ancient Agora, and many other museums and attractions.