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Car hire Bucharest Baneasa Airport

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Location information for Bucharest Baneasa Airport

Bucharest boasts an old world ambience while serving as a capital of Romania, one of the most breathtaking countries of Eastern Europe. Much of its attractions are attributed to its interesting history consisting of wars and being under the rule of the Soviets. The attractions of the city can easily be explored by availing cheap car hire at Bucharest Baneasa Airport upon arrival.

When exploring Bucharest's history, visitors can start with the large building that was decreed by the most brutal dictator of Romania in the 1980s. It boasts 3,100 well-decorated rooms that are each worth exploring during a visit. Aside from that, there is the Old Court Church that dates back to the 16th Century and boasting a display of frescos.

The next stop from the Church is the George Enescu Museum where the manuscripts and personal belongings of musician, George Enescu, are being exhibited. For the adventurous, a trip to the Ghencea Civil Cemetery is a must that stands in the city's western part. There, visitors can see the Ceusescu family's final resting place.

The heart of Bucharest is teeming with entertainment choices ranging from cinemas to theatres, bars, and nightclubs. Travellers won't have a hard time finding a place to stay with many hotels offering the best rates to complement their guests' varying tastes. Restaurants also vary in their food and prices, with the finest ones located by the Gara de Nord rail station.

The majestic and awesome Fagaras Mountains is accessible to visitors of Bucharest when they avail cheap car hire at Bucharest Baneasa Airport. Budget car rental takes them to the area where they can explore several hiking trails and mountain lakes. There is also the Poienari Castle that is home to Dracula. There is also the castle where Vlad Tepes once resided and it is located in Walachia.