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Location information for Perpignan Station

Upon arriving in Perpignan, you may feel that you've already gone beyond the border into Spain since it was known as the second city of Catalonia next to Barcelona. Earlier than that, it was deemed the capital of the Marjorca Kingdom with its glory dating back to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries during the time when Majorca's court was still here. Basically, most of its interesting historical attributes date back from that time period. Finding cheap car hire at Perpignan Rail Station allows you to explore every historical detail even on your own.

Nowadays, you can find Catalan influences in Perpignan with vibrant “blood and gold” flags you can see everywhere as you cruise around with the help of a cheap car hire at Perpignan Rail Station. You can also explore the Spanish citadel that dates back to the 15th century where its red walls encloses the Palais des Rois de Majorque. Dating back to the 13th century, this square used to be the place where Majorcan kings bred lions. Spectacular views of the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea can be seen from its towers.

Among the major sites of Perpignan is the 14th century Castillet, which is a fusion of a fortress and a gateway built with red bricks. Inside is a museum where you can view Catalon folkloric and regional items and artifacts.

As one of the sunniest regions in France, you can take joy rides with your car that you can get from a car rental facility in Perpignan. Its top destinations include a beach that boasts a cool atmosphere, and the Basse River where you can enjoy impromptu concerts, endless servings of tapas, and beer drinking at night.

Driving to the seaside town called Canet-plage takes you to Perpingnan's best beaches are located, or you can head over to the Mediterranean sea. Tautavel is also worth seeing that stands 25km from Paul-de-Fenouillet road. You can also view the remains of the a European human being who was alive around 450,000 BC at the village's Musée de la Préhistoire.